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We’re Up Late Working For Karl

Here at Team Karl, we’re up late working hard ahead of the December 31st fundraising deadline.

We’ve met many of you in the past two months and one thing has become very clear: people support Karl because they know that when he sets his mind to something, he’s going to get it done.

That’s why we support Karl. He’s already got a track record of getting things done for Arizona families.

He served on the leadership team that created 3,000 new jobs through the USAA corporate expansion and he supported the educational advancement and basic needs of more than 250,000 public elementary school children as the leader of the nonprofit Back to School Clothing Drive.

Just imagine what he could get done in Congress.

Please contribute by December 31st, our first and very important campaign finance reporting deadline.

Make your contribution to Karl today to help us meet our December 31st fundraising goals.


Team Karl

Facebook: @KarlGentlesforCongress

Twitter: @KarlGentles