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A New Brand Of Leadership

My campaign is off to an amazing start thanks to your support. I have lived in Arizona for 34 years and in Congressional District 6 for more than 18 years. I care about it deeply and have always been about giving back.

I am running because we need a new brand of leadership in Arizona: someone who has a record of accomplishment and getting things done on education, job creation and economic development. My focus is on delivering results that expand the quality of life and opportunities for everyday people. I will tirelessly fight for the people of this district.

I also believe in doing what’s right over political ideology. I believe in the precepts of duty, honor, principles, decency and placing country above self. If you want to see more of that in Congress, please consider making a donation of any size to my campaign today.

Your support will ensure my team has the resources we need to talk to as many voters as possible and get our message out far and wide.

We could really use your support. A contribution now will help our campaign more than you know.

Thank you,


Facebook: @KarlGentlesforCongress

Twitter: @KarlGentles