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Karl Gentles Leans into Police Reform – TV Ad

AZ Congressional Candidate Leans into Police Reform

 “We can’t wait, and our young people can’t wait any longer”

(July 1, 2020) – Karl Gentles today became the first candidate up with an ad on TV in the race for Arizona’s 6th Congressional District. The ad, titled “Grandson’s Generation” highlights Karl’s criminal justice reform platform and the need to fix our broken systems for the next generation. 

The ad states, “Our grandson’s future is at risk because our government and policing systems are broken. It’s time to turn our anger into action. We need meaningful reforms: body cameras, better police training, no chokeholds, and full accountability for bad behavior. We can balance equality, community, and safety.”

“I’m running to make things better for my grandson and for his generation. That’s why I got into this race, to begin with, and the events of the last month have crystallized that for me. The time is now for change. We can’t wait, and our young people can’t wait any longer,” said Gentles.

Earlier this month, Gentles endorsed the Justice in Policing Act and introduce a 9 point plan for police reform. While Gentles opposes defunding police departments, he calls for a reallocation of funding priorities within departments to ensure what happened to George Floyd, Dion Johnson, Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland, Javier Ambler, and countless other African Americans, does not happen again.  Read Karl’s statement on the killing of George Floyd.

“It’s time for us to address the systemic injustices exposed by current events, work to bring our economy back, and fix our healthcare system to better protect our families,” said Gentles.

Read Karl’s healthcare agenda and his plan to bring our economy back.

Gentles is running in the Democratic Primary to unseat Republican incumbent David Schweikert, one of Donald Trump’s biggest allies who just voted against the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. Schweikert also voted against the HEROES Act and has spent his entire career working to dismantle Obamacare and putting his party ahead of working families.

Karl Gentles is a Democratic Candidate for Arizona’s Sixth Congressional District ( His work over the past 35 years has shown he has the ability to get things done by bringing people together to solve Arizona’s most pressing problems. Gentles believes that by putting principles over politics, we can change the way government functions and ensure that it works for us and not against us. He brings a pragmatic, bipartisan approach to policy-making and will work to bring our economy back, strengthen our healthcare system, and protect seniors, families, and our most vulnerable populations.  Gentles is a founder of small business and also runs a nonprofit that has helped thousands of children in Arizona. His career includes working in the community and economic development and working for a U.S. Senator.