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Our country is in crisis and the urgency of now is upon us. The importance of trust in our government institutions is more important now more than ever.

Countries around the world have done a better job of managing economic downturns in part because their people have faith in their institutions, their leadership, and each other. Without trust, you can’t have family economics that is sustainable, retirement benefits that deliver the outcomes we’ve worked hard for, salaries you can live on, water supplies that are clean, medicines that are safe, and hospitals that have sufficient capacity to care for us when needed. Our society is vulnerable and at-risk in many ways. We have to trust each other and we have to trust our government to be there when we need it.

My work over the past 35-years has shown that I have the ability to get things done by bringing people together to solve Arizona’s most pressing problems. We must put principles over politics and must change the way government functions and ensure that it works for us and not against us. We must pursue policies that restore our trust and confidence in our government institutions. We must pursue policies that reform the institutions that we depend on to protect and serve us at all levels of government. A pragmatic, bipartisan approach will bring our economy back, strengthen our healthcare system, and protect seniors, families, and our most vulnerable populations.

Foreign Policy

Diplomatic, economic and military strength, not this administration’s go-it-alone policy, the key to foreign policy Trump’s American First agenda has spread division and chaos around the country that rivals that of the chaos created by his domestic policy. While our

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Economic Agenda

Uncertainty and unemployment are crushing our economy and working people’s sprits right now. The depth of government distrust, economic inequality, and health disparities exposed by the current crisis compels us to act immediately and decisively. Our government and its institutions

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Health Care Agenda

Health care is a human right.  Here is what I believe and what I’ll do on the important issue. Our focus must be on people and principles and not petty Washington DC politics. The fundamental issue relating to health care

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Immigration Reform

  Our country is great due to the hard work of immigrants who contribute and helped build this great nation we so love. Just as my family and so many before and since they came seeking opportunity to take care

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Gun Control and the 2nd Amendment

I support the 2nd Amendment and my wife is a 29-year retired military veteran and she’s quite adept with a gun.  I support the constitution – the 2nd and all the other amendments. I think we need common-sense gun control

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