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I’m Running For Congress – The Right Person For the Right Time

My name is Karl Gentles and today I am announcing my decision to run for Congress in Arizona’s 6th congressional district. Yes it is the district you see behind me, where I have lived for more than 18 years. This is MY HOME.

I’m entering the race because we need a new brand of leadership, someone that knows how to create partnerships that make an impact. We need leadership that is in touch and cares about their community.

“I believe I’m the right leader at the right time and will work hard for this district”

“Democrats want a candidate who can win, will lead with principles, and will do what is right over political ideology.

Over the next several months, you will hear my message about protecting the quality of life of Arizona families, protecting our most vulnerable populations, increasing educational outcomes for our Arizona students, and bringing more jobs, business and economic development to our district.

There is too much focus in Washington on fighting and not enough focus on results that improve local Arizona schools and expand opportunities for everyday people and those who have or want to start a small business. 

We need to replace the Washington inaction with some common sense and Arizona problem solving. The bottom line is we need a member of Congress who will tirelessly fight for the people of this district.”

I invite and welcome your support and ask you to join me on this journey to victory. Let’s get to work today and change Arizona!