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Gentles touts record of getting things done for the economy, bringing jobs to district, making a difference on education

CD 6 candidate draws contrast, promises to put “principles over politics”

(March 3, 2020) — In the democratic debate for Arizona’s 6th Congressional District tonight, Karl Gentles stood out from the pack by touting his record of getting things done for the economy, bringing jobs to the district and making a difference on education.

Gentles made the case that his profile and background make him a stronger candidate than his opponents.

Gentles said, “Principles over politics means something. Duty, honor, and country above self mean something. Hard work, transparency, and character means something. These are values I carry with me to this day.”

“This is our home; you deserve someone that truly and actually represents you, the people of District 6. I have the experience required to get things done. Your choice is clear between someone who has proven results and candidates who have proven they cannot win,” said Gentles.

“We need a candidate that can win in November and make some real progress on the issues we all believe in. I believe I’m the right leader at the right time for this district. I’ll always put principles over politics and political ambition,” said Gentles.