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Foreign Policy

Diplomatic, economic and military strength, not this administration’s go-it-alone policy, the key to foreign policy

Trump’s American First agenda has spread division and chaos around the country that rivals that of the chaos created by his domestic policy. While our foreign policy agenda was not flawless before Trump, his antagonizing of our allies has only made the world more unstable and uncertain. We must restore our standing in the world, pursuing the ideals of freedom and democracy and world stability. Trump’s budget proposal earlier this year to cut foreign aid by 21% further destabilizes the world and increases the chances of our adversaries establishing a foothold in countries critical to the security of our nation. We must strengthen NATO and the European Union and investment in our alliances to ensure our military cooperation in Europe and around the world remains strong. We must counter China’s military and economic influence by strengthening our relationships in Europe and Africa. I support keeping Russia out of the G7 until the Crimea issue is settled, a commitment to suspend its expansion efforts, and evidence that they have dropped their efforts to interfere in our elections. Finally, I support a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict. Our foreign policy must include diplomatic, economic, and military strength, not this administration’s go-it-alone policy.