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Contribute online here or send your check to: Gentles for Congress, PO Box 43413, Phoenix, AZ 85080. My work over the past 35-years has shown that I have the ability to get things done by bringing people together to solve some of Arizona’s most pressing problems. Now I want to do more in Congress and for our nation. We must put principles over politics and must change the way government functions, to ensure that it works for us and not against us. We must pursue policies that ushers in a new era of reforms, bring our economy back, strengthens our healthcare system, and protects seniors, families, and our most vulnerable populations. I appreciate your support!

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Request your yard sign today before they are all gone and show your support for Karl Gentles by sharing a picture on your social media channels using the hashtags #azcd6 #Congress. Please fill out our form to request a Gentles for Congress yard sign and post it proudly!
Karl and Carla Gentles

About Karl

Karl Gentles has shown a long commitment to public service and his family has a deep record of military service. He’s made a difference on education and economic development and has the focus and drive to do even more for Arizona in the future.

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Host a meet-n-greet, make phone calls, canvass door to door and more.

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Stay informed about the campaign and share our news via emails, phone calls, and your social networks. Campaign hashtag #Gentles2020


Our country is in crisis and the urgency of now is upon us. The importance of trust in our government institutions is more important now more than ever. Learn about Karl's stance on important issues.

Foreign Policy

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Economic Agenda

Uncertainty and unemployment are crushing our economy and working people’s sprits right now. The depth of government distrust, economic inequality, and health disparities exposed by

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